Vundu Care Services Ltd

Enjoy the support of a trusted companion to boost your confidence and independence.

At Vundu Care all of our care services place you at the heart of your care plan, and our approach to companionship care is no different. From the moment you first call us, we will ensure your every need and wish is heeded so that you get the type and level of companionship care that you desire. Our wonderful companionship carers have all been handpicked for their kind, empathetic personalities, and your companion will be matched to your hobbies and interests.

Your companion can help with:

General companionship

Your companion is there to be a friendly face and provide fun, compassionate companionship throughout the day.

Cooking your favourite meals

A companion can prepare your favourite meals for you at the times that you decide, and can also sit and share the meal with you.

Help with your weekly shopping

If you’re finding you need a bit of extra assistance with the shopping, a companion can either collect it for you or accompany you to the shops

Helping with travel arrangements

Travelling long distances can seem a daunting prospect, but your companion carer from Vundu Care can help you plan your journey as well as accompanying you.

Assistance with domestic tasks

As well as providing friendly companionship, your carer can also help out around the home with domestic tasks such as cleaning and laundry.

Ensuring your comfort at home

Whether it is plumping your pillows, adjusting the heating or tidying things up, your companion can help ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed

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