Vundu Care Services Ltd

Choosing Vundu Care Services means continuous support from expertly trained staff

At Vundu Care Services, we provide dedicated dementia care to people in the comfortable, familiar surroundings of their own home. As a specialist dementia care provider, we train our carers to follow a routine that your loved one is used to and comfortable with, maintaining their independence as much as possible.

At Vundu Care Services we can support you with;

Personal care

As part of your care plan, our trained staff can provide discreet, dignified personal care assisting you with bathing, dressing and toileting.

Preparing meals

Staying at home for care means you can ask your carer to prepare your favourite meals and snacks at the times that you’re used to.

Mobility support

All of our staff are well trained and experienced and are able to provide safe, secure mobility assistance around the home.

Assisting with housework

Our carers can help out with cleaning, vacuuming, tidying, doing the laundry, ironing, and just about everything else.